Finding the right professional trumpet is not an easy task.  I know because when I wanted to buy an upgrade from my trusty Bach Strad, I experienced all the frustration you might be feeling right now even though I already had a PhD in music!  

The great jazz models are not often in stock in local stores and those cool vintage models everyone talks about are not in the local pawn shop.  Of course, you can order a couple new horns online if you don’t mind maxing out your credit card, and then hope they arrive in time for you to try them back-to-back. 

Those are your options unless you know a guy.  You know, that guy who sells trumpets out of his basement and who everyone except you seems to know?  My situation as a lady made seeking out this mysterious guy with a bunch of trumpets for sale even more uncomfortable.  I just did not feel good about visiting a stranger’s basement, so I ordered my new horns online and I loved them.  But for years I wondered what I was missing.  Was the legendary Martin Committee, or maybe an Olds Recording model really the trumpet for me?  How would I ever find out?  The only way to know was to become a technician myself, invest in a bunch of instruments and open my own shop.

I have a played the trumpet for over thirty years, earned a PhD in musicology, directed college bands and orchestras and developed a passion for jazz improvisation.  Whether you are a student, a parent of a young performer, a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, I can help guide you to your ideal instrument.

My gallery is a brick-and-mortar shop where you do not have to know a guy in order to try out amazing instruments.  I keep a wide variety of pro models in stock, some new and many vintage, so you can find your perfect fit.  Experience has shown me that when you buy vintage horns online, there is a good 70% chance that it needs major  work in order to be at pro-level playing condition.  Listings that report that “all the valves work” are not fictitious, but that  doesn’t mean the valves are in good playing condition and even a picture of the valves outside the casing will not guarantee the smooth, lightening action you need.  That is why I check each horn in the gallery for immediate performance, and why I only sell instruments that I like to play.