DaCarbo Trumpet Large (New)


The DaCarbo large-bore trumpet features a carbon fiber bell that extends all the way to the valve casing.  This is the trumpet I fell in love with at the NAMM show last year.  It is a free-blowing horn that will take a lot of air if you need it--note that Arturo Sandoval is a DaCarbo artist!  

The timbre is smokey and voice-like, yet it has amazing projection.  Although a lot of attention goes to the hip-looking carbon fiber, I have found that the super light weight of the instrument and the lightening fast valve action are equally attractive. 

Here are some other advantages:

Carbon fiber does not corrode and it is difficult to dent

Carbon fiber is stable and less affected by temperature changes than metal.  This means you have a better chance of staying in tune on a long outdoor gig. 

While it projects very well in a large space, its smokey sound also blends seemlessly into the ambience of a small performing space.  

Great aesthetics.  Did I mention that this trumpet looks very hip?

Roy Hargrove on his DaCarbo trumpet