One-of-a-kind Gifts for Trumpet Players

This stunning pendant necklace is in a class of its own.   Made from a  trumpet valve cap, it is set with Swarovski rhinestones to catch eyes and hearts.  Call to order.
$59.99 plus shipping 
These formal trumpet tie clips are both fun and glamorous.  Made from trumpet water keys set with Swarovski rhinestones, we have made a bespoke showpiece from the  unspeakable elements of the trumpet.  They are available plain or with gem-set heads.  Call to order.
$39.99 apiece plus shipping
Trumpet finger buttons inlaid with  stone veneers are lovely as jewelry as well as on your trumpet.  Our current styles include the sterling silver pendant setting shown here with matching dangle earrings and finger button cuff links.  A variety of stone and shell veneers are available. Call to order.
$75.00 plus shipping (Pendant and earrings)
$40.00 plus shipping (cuff links)