Inderbinen Silver Art


This trumpet is everything that Jamie's Trumpet Gallery loves to stand behind.  It has an exciting design that makes a bold statement, a truly innovative structural component and it has the endorsement of a superstar  player, in this case, Roy Hargrove.                                                                                                                                                                           The Silver Art features both a traditional tuning slide and a tuning bell, which gives it a lot of flexibility in terms of sound and response depending on how you configure the slides.  I personally flew to Switzerland to select the best instruments for my gallery and this one was a hands-down must-have.  Its designer look just captivates attention, so I re-designed half of the gallery just to show this  beauty off properly.  

Raw Brass, hand hammered, layered w/molten silver, tuning bell


Bore: 11.89mm

Bell:130.5 mm

Weight: 1,200 grams