Vintage Horns Worth Having

Occasionally we have rare and wonderful horns that have been in our possession and  in need of attention for too long. Some need restoration, some are fine as they are.   This section displays them for your consideration.  They will be offered at a considerable discount to help move them along, so feel free to contact us with your inquiries and offers.

Olds Mendez Trumpet

This Olds Mendez is cosmetically imperfect.  Not dented--just scratched and worn.  Zoom in and check it out! The good news is that it plays wonderfully and the valve action is still quite good.  

Fly, Try, Buy and Save 3%

Buying a trumpet online that you haven't played is difficult, to say the least.  Ideally, everyone would be able to walk into a room full of different brands and vintages and find their perfect fit.  Alas, there is only one Jamie's Trumpet Gallery, so we offer a discount to folks who fly here to spend the afternoon choosing their horn.  Fly into Orlando or, better yet, right into Melbourne and receive a 3% discount on any horn in the gallery to help offset your flight.  From most domestic destinations, that will cover half of your flight!


It is now even easier to get your dream trumpet today.  Ask us about financing available at Jamie's Trumpet Gallery!